Swerve drivetrain

Hey my team is thinking about using a swerve drivetrain, think it would be a good strategy?

It’s near the end of week 1. If you’ve never done swerve before, you don’t have enough time.

Swerve is a huge volume of new work.


We’ve done swerve before I was asking more if it’s a good strategy but thanks

Technically swerve is the best drivetrain, If your team is not prepared and has not been planning to use a swerve drive since before this years competition season, you should not do swerve. Stick with west-coast, unless you plan ahead. (just my 2¢)

Since you have done swerve you could take it to the Wildstang level…

I cannot wait to see an iteration of this…

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Swerve would be a superior drive base for this game, probably outstripping WCD by a small percentage. If y’all already have the technical expertise to do it, you should do it.

Just a pedantic note:

“Swerve” is not a strategy. Swerve is a robot mechanism. Strategy is “how you plan to play the game.” Deciding that during Sandstorm, you want to place two hatch panels and a cargo, and that the rocket RP is absolutely mandatory is a strategy.

If you decide that that’s the strategy you want to play and that in order to do play that game you need a robot with a swerve drive, then you should build a swerve drive. If there isn’t some specific task that requires a swerve, then I wouldn’t waste your time with it.

You’ve got limited time in the next 5.5 weeks, limited people, limited everything. Use your resources where they have the biggest impact.