Swerve Guide for Dummies

It seems that there are a several posts every week asking for help on swerve. Is there a good guide to get started? If so, then point me in the right direction and we can close this post.

If a guide doesn’t exist, I’d like to propose creating a guide that has everything from getting started, tips, troubleshooting, and even specifics on the various modules that are available.

I’m thinking a Public Google doc with track changes so we can moderate edits.

What are your thoughts on this?

Would anyone else find this useful?

Would any of you that have been in the trenches like to step up as a contributor?

Thanks for considering!


It feels like there are more than enough resources out there, just a limit on people finding them. I could see an " all the resources" type thread being out together with focus on this year (extra attention on center of gravity for example)

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