Swerve Mods Different Speeds

Hello, when driving the robot in tele-op, I noticed that the swerve mods do not drive at the same speeds. The front two mods seem to be going slower than the back two mods. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any help.

Here is the code.

More specifics here would help. They are different based on what measurements? Physical measurement? Encoder measurement?

What kind of swerve modules are they?

They are Mk4 L2 swerve mods. I haven’t really noticed a difference between them. The only thing I’ve noticed is the voltage delivered to the motors had a difference of about 0.04 volts which shouldn’t really cause a major speed change. They are aligned properly and turn to the correct angle with driver input.

That’s not a big deal at all. Unless it’s causing you to experience actual issues with your drive, I would not worry about it

different voltage does not necessarily mean different speed. Unless you are breaking static friction and one of the wheels starts spinning faster than the other wheels then all wheels should basically be rotating the same speed as they are constrained by the rigid robot they are attached to. (i say basically because different treadwear/loading, carpet squish, etc can have a very small effect) 0.04v is a very small difference that i would not say indicates one is moving faster than the others.

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