Swerve Modules are not Consistent


My team has chosen to do a swerve style drive train. We purchased modules of andymark http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-3009.htm and we are having some issues with driving the wheel off the CIM motor. Some of them turn as they are intended to but others have issues with the ring and pinion gear arrangement. Some of them are too tight where as there is another module where it is too loose. This results in each wheel turning at different rates which makes the system not as reliable for autonomous. Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this issue?

If you have encoders on the rotating module, you can use a PID loop to set it exactly to the position you need.

The wheel is very difficult to spin and causes the gears to make a popping sound when spun by the motor. The gears that turn the wheel are too loose and so it can’t properly turn the wheel. So I was wondering if there was a way mechanically to adjust the position of the gears on the module.

Please contact [email protected] to get their feedback on the situation. They are much more adequate about getting your problem fixed.