Swerve Path Planner Issues

Hello! As we try running paths through pathplanner we are starting to run into a variety of problems. For starters, when we try turning the robot seems to hit an imaginary wall that prevents the robot from turning. In addition the robot seems to travel in the oppisite direction that it is told to go to. Thanks for all the help.

Can you please share your code? What IMU are you using? What Motors?

Have you tried adjusting the gains of the PID loops that Pathplanner uses?

Yep Of course. Here is our git repo: GitHub - 7451AvengerRobotics/2023-Offseason

We use the pigeon 2 as our imu and we have a falcon 500 swerve drive with the mk4i gear 2 modules. Could you elaborate on the gains that pathplanner uses

One issue I had for the longest time and could not figure out why, is my left and rights getting flipped. The issue was my front left module and gyro were opposite directions. Have you verified this?

I don’t see any path planner code in this repo
GitHub - 7451AvengerRobotics/2023-Offseason

Here is the direct link to the swerve code. The path planner code should be under the s auto builder method