Swerve Pose estimator

Hey there everybody! I’ve been debugging an issue with my code for an hour or two now and I’m kind of lost as to why I’m getting an error. About 2 weeks ago we had working code that was properly merging vision measurements with encoders. However, when I came back to it today, I keep getting an exception that says No such element exception every time I call the add vision measurement. I’ve tried adding in default values as a trouble shooting attempt but nothing seems to be getting rid of the error unless I comment out the add vision measurement. Also all my limelight data and time stamp data is valid as I’ve looked through it when printed out and there isn’t anything out of the ordinary with that. Any ideas? Thanks!

Try calling update with your odometery values first. There’s a bug in the pose estimator that throws an error if you add a vision measurement before ever adding odometery.
I think this may have been fixed in the latest WPILib release from Saturday.