Swerve Specialties Normal Behavior

Hello! We’re new to using Swerve this year and have some behavioral questions with our swerve modules.

We know they behave correctly in their angles and speeds, but we have questions with a strange “jittering.”

The occasionally there is an issue where it jitters when turning and I’m unsure where the issue arises. Attached is a video of us driving around the module on a fresh battery


One further concern I hold is its long term performance. The longer it drives the worse the jittering becomes and I’m curious on why this happens, if it’s a common problem, or any solutions. I could attempt to capture a video of this later performance vs. Original performance at our teams next meeting. Any and all help/advice is appreciated!

There are a lot of potential reasons, but the fact that it gets worse the longer it’s running makes me suspect a brownout - does driverstation indicate a brownout (background of voltage display turns red) when the jitters happen?

If it’s not that then it’s probably some sensor or PID issue.

Have you tried running it on the ground? The PIDs were tuned to run with the resistance caused by the carpet which doesn’t exist when the bot is not on the ground.

@Alex_Y Yes, I’ve ran it on the ground and it generally performs worse on the ground than up on blocks

@rafi I’ll need to keep an eye out for the brownout next time. Though, we had the issue worse previously and it was absolutely a brown out. The battery looks yellow during the jittering though. That much I know. What potentially could be causing that?

And on the PID how would I go about fixing that? I’ve messed around with the PID, Slew, and max Accel, but it only fixes so much and always gets worse long term regardless