Swerve treads getting chewed up (SDS MK4I)


how fix


Please excuse the bad grammar of my teammate. Our swerve modules are tearing out tread faster than we have heard about, and we are lacking a solution.


You need to change your treads. The swerve drives eat through the blue nitrile. You will probably need at least 2 sets per competition.

Some things can make tread wear worse. IF your wheels aren’t turning right you will eat tread faster. The encoder reset bug in sds can cause one wheel to not turn which will drag it and destroy your tread. Also fast take offs will eat the tread faster.

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We haven’t seen any other teams talking about this… is there a way to avoid having treads do this in the first place?

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We are replacing treads now. It may have been the way that our driver was using the robot, as he was very aggressive with the way he was moving it.

We’ve had this problem too. The sides of the treads wear down before the center. Aggressive driving can eat through treads quickly, we replaced our treads before elims and after finals they were flat.

I might sound like some king of commercial for SlewRateLimiter as I have mentioned it 2 other times today on different posts. SlewRateLimiter will reduce the ability to accelerate. You want to give your driver enough speed to do what they need but not enough to damage the bot or be hard to control. We put a SlewRateLimiter(3) on our x and y percent output from the stick. That means it takes 1/3 of a second to get to 100% which is still fast.


Slew Limiting has been great for us as well, however it hasn’t stopped the tread on our mk4 modules from doing this. We replaced the tread at our event last week twice, once on Thursday after load-in and once before playoffs started. That’s the same as we’ve done in the past, with different wheels and treads.

Jf you’re driving your bot hard enough your treads are going to get chewed up, in general we replace our treads once at normal events. We tend to do this either at the start of the second day or between quals and elims depending on how worn they’ve gotten.


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