Swerve Vs Non-Swerve in the worlds!

Is there a way to find how many robots are in swerve Vs Non-Swerve…kind of curious to see how it breaks down! Is it imperative that “Swerve is an almost must to be qualified”? Any thoughts along the lines!

If you look in the OP of any of the 2023 champs division threads, team 1676 linked their prescouting database, which includes drivetrain info on most bots at champs.

Someone else started this spreadsheet up. I’m holding off to not go through the whole thing several times but I’ll probably put together percentages once it’s filled out. (This is 1676’s sheet mentioned above)


Be careful, it’s publicly editable, changed 254 back from mecanum to swerve just a second ago. Who knows what else may be messed up.


Yeah, I probably won’t integrate it into the rest of my data, but setting up percentages for it separately shouldn’t be all that time consuming. Also, I don’t know what you’re talking about. 254 is clearly using the MDS (Mecanum Drive Specialties) modules this year.



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Thank you

So, after a little research using the 2023 FRC Championship Public Pre-Scouting Database and some work to fill in the teams that were missing stats on their drive types (mostly by looking up either robot images or competition videos to see what drive type they have) I have gone ahead and compiled the numbers for different drive types in a handy Google Sheet:
2023 Championship Drive Types by Division
It breaks down to 73.28% of teams using swerve drives, 25.24% using tank drives, and 1.48% (a mere 9 teams across all divisions) using mecanum drive. So the dominance of swerve this season is very much a thing, with almost 3 out of 4 teams using it. But those who love their tank drives should not despair, with tank drive still being a decent percentage of all robots at the event. The few mecanum robots, on the other hand, are distinctly outliers in this group.


[Edit: Added 319. Thanks @ks68!]

[Edit2: Added 3940. Thanks @MrMARVINMan!]

[Edit3: Added 4011. Thanks @pchild!]

It seems like very few non-swerve teams played in playoffs. While it is difficult to accurately cross-reference the pre-scouting database (and @Mullen’s EPA drive type graphs) against TBA while on my phone during a flight, here’s what I’ve been able to gather in terms of tank drive robots that made the playoffs:

Alliance captains: 319, 1156, 3357, 3940, 4011, 4451
Picked and played: 971, 2399
Picked and did not play: 316, 610, 3142, 5409

I’m pretty sure I missed some. Also, I think it’s reasonable to say 2200 (octocanum drivetrain) would have been picked if they were in attendance at Champs.


Did any non-swerve make Einsteins?

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319 was also an alliance captain with tank drive (Milstein 4th alliance).


Another fun fact, last year 2 of 24 teams on Einstein were non-swerve: 973 and 6328 running tank drive. Both teams made it back to Einstein in 2023, running swerve.


3940 has an 8W AndyMark KOP chassis and was alliance captain of Alliance #2 on Newton.


What percent of off field qualifiers have tank?

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Basically all of New England District Events prior to DCMP had majority tank with 1-2 mecanum drives per

We could always just redo 2010 to get rid of the swerve dominance :zipper_mouth_face:

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I don’t think swerve would be all that difficult for 2010. You’d have to use the tunnels, but looking at robots from that year I don’t think that’s super uncommon (seem to be a fair number of 4 wheel robots that look like they would get beached).

Do you mean 2009 Lunacy with the slippery wheels everyone had to use?

Was that the game with the static discharge issue?


I haven’t heard of that with 2009, but on the other hand I was ~5 at the time. Here’s video of each: