Swerve X CANcoder "vh" Base and Cap

Hello CD,

The 3171 Hurricanes are experimenting with swerve in the dwindling offseason, and got some Swerve X modules to play with. However, we found that the new late 2022 hardware iteration of the CANcoder, called “vh” does not work with the provided 3d printed base. New surface features on the encoder chip side prevent it from seating, keeping it from being properly aligned with the magnet, and putting stress on the board. This base is pocketed additionally to accommodate these features.

CANcoder Swerve X Base and Cap

The base is redesigned to use one of the machine screws from the CANcoder kit (not the sheet metal screw). Then, the cap bolts with some 1/4" longer machine screws through the base into the top plate of the swerve. The cap is holed so the status light can be observed while it’s on, and has shoulders inside that additionally secure the encoder into the recess.

We wanted to share our solution to this little problem, as we see a lot of teams moving to try swerve for this year, and this was an unexpected stumbling block. These parts will work with legacy CANcoders and SRX Mag encoders, as the pocketing is additional to the stock part.

Best of luck in 2023 from the 3171 Hurricanes!

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Our team is using the SRX Mag Encoders with the Swerve X we just assembled and had to also print our own encoder mounts. We had to remove .035 inches to get the encoder close enough to the magnet to get the color on the encoder to go from orange to green.

EDIT: We may try printing one of yours and seeing how they work with our Mag Encoders

I didn’t mention it in the body, but the bases of these are shortened .010" to put them closer to the “sweet spot”. Some of the encoder shaft bearings weren’t fully pressed in during assembly, and we had to tap them further in. This part serves to retain that bearing in the design and shaving it held it in tighter for us. Let me know if you print how they work with the SRX encoders!


We printed one of your encoder mounts last night and installed it on our swerve module. The person that installed it reported that after tightening it down the middle bowed slightly up on the mount. I’m assuming that is because the flange on the bearing is .062" in height and the relief on the mount is only .052". The SRX Mag Encoder also didn’t end up as close to the magnet as we would like. It was right on the edge of orange/green where just a slight touch would cause it to switch back and forth between the two colors.

I remixed the design and dropped the “deck height” of the sensor by .025", and re-extended the standoffs .010". It’s under the “SRX Mod” version I added to the printables link. Thanks so much for the feedback, I may make this the default design after I test it with the CANcoders in the new season.

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