Swerve X Library?

Our team is working on our off-season robot which uses Swerve X for the first time. So I would like to ask: Whether there’s a library for Swerve X? Or is there’s any official instructions to program it?
If you have any idea about that, please let me know and it’ll be great help. thx


If you are running all CTRE electronics (Falcons/Krakens, CANCoders, and a Pigeon), the CTRE library works great with SwerveX.


You are pretty much limited to

  • Tuner X Swerve Generator (only if you’re using ALL CTRE products, cancoders, krakens/falcons, and pigeon2)
  • Program it yourself (i don’t recommend this if this is your first time)

That’s what we did. We spent all of off-season getting our swerve ready and we managed to tune some brown out problems at our event. We didn’t have anything to help us program because we program in python. Based on our brown out issues(that are now fixed, thanks 88) I personally would also not recommend writing code.

We are using SwerveX if you are wondering.

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The brown-out issue plagued me as well my first time, ramp rates are an amazing thing, and amp limit

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Yep they really are, we’ve not had much time on our robot since we fixed it and so we probably still need to tweak them a bit