SwftRobotics doesn’t ship to Canada- can I transfer my voucher code?

I’m in Ontario, they are in Texas. I feel that if I ask the company, they might say no, but has anyone ever transferred a voucher code successfully?I would love to see these excellent bearings get put to good use by a deserving team.

Not that I am aware of, but we ship to my address in the US and receive it in Canada. There’s a lot of companies that offer these services and are frequently referred to as “re-ship” companies.

For the ones that do ship to Canada, it always ends up being cheaper to go through my re-shipper.

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I’ve both received and gifted/donated unused team vouchers in the past. Normally it’s just a matter of one of the head coaches giving out the code found on their FIRST dashboard to the other team.

Give me a shout, I have used their voucher in the past.
Ian McTavish

the search term your looking for is reshipper its a fairly affordable service

They did say no when I asked if I could give an American team my voucher code. Not feeling love from SwftRobotics

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We are in need of bearings and are reaching the end of our budget this year. I will venmo/zelle/cashapp/paypal the shipping cost to you if you can order it on your end and ship it to our lab (rather than transferring the code).

If this works for you, let me know and I will DM you our shipping address and we can exchange contact info for the payment. The support would be appreciated a ton!

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