Switch box announcing!!

We are here to proudly announce the release of our kick starter project switch box. We are trying to create a new gearbox solution for the FP and 500 series motors. We have noticed Existing planetary gearboxes’ ratios aren’t always optimized for what teams use them for, because of their max torque load. When these planetary gearboxes strip and break, the internal gears are hard to replace, often times requiring the replacement of the whole gearbox and motor, to save time during the heat of competition. Mounting certain gearboxes prove to be sometimes difficult because of the precision required to drill the mounting holes.

 Our hopes are to solve all of these problems. We offer 2 different gear ratios, optimized for high torque uses right now. Instead of a planetary style gearbox, we've created a spur gearbox to make gears easier to replace if they become stripped. To solve the issue of mounting, we've created two slots. This means that if the holes that are drilled slightly off, they'll still hold the gearbox in place. We also allow for 1 or two motors to be mounted to the gear box.

 Right now we offer a 20:1 reduction and a 90:1 reduction. We are preparing the CAD of the gearbox's right now to post as an update to our KS page. This a result of a Camp me and three other students attended that our team hosted this summer called High School Start up, which was a three weekend program that resembled three day start up.

 We welcome any comments and questions!!!

Nice project!

One key specification of interest to most FRC teams is the weight. I don’t see anything about this in the currently published specifications. Any estimate?

Have you thought about cooling for the FP/550 motors. I know we and several other teams had issues with this in the CIMulator and CIMsim if they were mounted directly to the gearbox plate without a spacer or something to allow air into the front of the motors. Just something you might want to add to the design.

Great project overall, I wish you guys the best.