Switch camera on SmartDashboard based upon value of Network Tables?

Is there a way to have the camera on the smart dashboard switch to another source based on a value we put into network tables?

We’re basically wanting a backup cam to turn on when we invoke our ‘reverse’ function. I’ve got it putting a value into network tables, the reversing works, but I’m at a bit of a loss with the SD side.

Otherwise, we’re debating putting the camera itself on a little servo and just having it flip, but I prefer software fixes to a potentially damagable hardware one.

We’re in python, if it matters. The cameras are all streaming via mjpeg.

If your cameras are sufficiently low bandwidth, I’d suggest streaming both all the time, with side-by-side displays.

We did something similar for 2016 - we streamed both via mjpg streamer, and then wrote a smartdashboard plugin to switch between displaying one stream or the other based on the value of a boolean… I’m struggling to find the source code for it though… If you’re curious, I can ask our lead SW mentor tonight if he still has it.

I’d be interested, if only to see how it was done!

That is one thing we’re looking into as well. it should be low enough bandwidth, considering they’re just 160x120 10fps

Got the repo:

Nice! This is exactly what we’re hoping for. Thanks!