Switch Function Problems

I am using a switch function with MPLAB within the autonomous section fo user_routines_fast.c and the code I’ve written up does not seem to be executing…ever. For example, when I load the attached code, the motors attached to the PWM outputs only turn for 3-4 seconds and stop. I asked another team about it and their response was that the delay right above the while loop was the reason. I changed the value to 570 and the results were the same.

Do you think the numbers next to the “#define” section are the issue or does MPLAB hate us and the switch function alltogether?

Any and all help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance,
Team 2348.

switch_function.txt (2.62 KB)

switch_function.txt (2.62 KB)

	static unsigned char delay;
  	static unsigned char direction;
	static unsigned char time;

An unsigned char’s maximum value is 255. Since you want to use values greater then that for time, you should use an int.


It works perfectly now. Next thing to do, figure out where we went wrong with IR sensors and I’m sure there is a thread out there with the information I need.