Switchback Parts Request

Hi Folks,

I bet you didn’t expect to see us back so soon hahaha! After the blast we had last season at Bunnybots, a lot of PNW people were very interested in making sure we came back this year- this generation is a mix of new and old faces including some more adults for safety purposes, and we’re VERY excited to get started! First, we have our eyes set on the new FTC offseason on the block, the West Coast Invitational! Thankfully, the event organizers were gracious enough to allow us to compete. :slightly_smiling_face: And then the team has elected for FRC to possibly attend the following:

  • Storm Surge
  • Bordie
  • Any other offseasons we can afford that intrigues the team- unfortunately, as interested as we were in Sunset Showdown, the cards were not in our favor. :smiling_face_with_tear:
  • And of course, we’re attending the event that got us started, Bunnybots!

As I’m sure as most of our PNW friends are aware, we run off of parts loans, donations of old parts from teams who don’t use them anymore, and parts paid out of pocket by members of the team.
So that leads me to where I am today. Switchback this year is looking for the following parts to be either loaned or donated to us, please! We will not accept monetary donations!

  • An FTC Controls system, ideally both the control and expansion hub, but we can make just a control hub work! :slightly_smiling_face:
  • An FTC Drivebase
  • An FRC Drivebase, any type is fine- we will happily use it!
  • Motors
  • Electronics
  • Any parts that your team does not use anymore that are still usable! We’ll happily take anything :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for anything your teams might be able to spare for a few months!

Team 4444, Switchback


Hi, Switchback! You’re more than welcome to borrow a kitbot and associated electronics again from 1540 for BunnyBots, along with any additional CIMs, versaplanetaries, 775 pros, Talons, etc you might need.

If you’d like to stop by before or after the game is released, let me know! We have assorted FTC parts as well, though no control system as far as I’m aware.


Hi Kevin!

We will be reaching out, thank you and 1540 so much for your generosity both this year and last year in all of your help pulling off Switchback!

In other news, thanks to Team 9450, we have secured an FTC controls system and drivebase- so we no longer need those! Once again, thank you a ton! :slightly_smiling_face:

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