Switching between Cameras off of Raspberry Pi using Code


We have 3 Microsoft Lifecam3000’s running through a raspberry pi (plugged into our other ethernet port on the AP)

We are using the normal dashboard and can’t seem to find a way to switch cameras because the camera doesn’t exist in the code, it interfaces with the Rio directly through network stuff (sorry for the crappy explanation, I didn’t set it up, just wired it :sweat_smile:)

I’ve looked through a few CD threads, but just about all of them use code referencing camera servers set up in their Java code, but we dont have it set up like that.

Any and all suggestions welcome… we kinda need all three cameras to work and itd be great if the driver could just togle a switch between intake cam and shooter aim cam…


You should look at the “NetworkTable-selectable switched camera support” feature that @Peter_Johnson implemented last year.

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thank you so much, will implement tonight at build!

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