Switching between Smart Dash and the Labview Dash

Hello all,
Recently I loaded the SmartDashboard on our Driver Station machine and it automatically configured the Driver Station to load the Smartdash every time it runs. Is there a way to default this back to the LabView dashboard?

Look in the DS .ini file

C:\Users\Public\Documents\FRC\FRC DS Data Storage.ini

If I recall the Smart Dashboard installer leaves the file Mark referenced alone and instead renames the LabVIEW dashboard to “NI Dashboard”. Go to C:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard and rename the Dashboard.exe that is there to something else and the NI Dashboard.exe back to Dashboard.exe

In the ni dashboard folder there is a “launcher.bat” file that is executed when the DS software opens Smartdashboard installer points it to the smartdashboard. Just change it back to the ni dashboard.

I remember doing this a few weeks back, so I confirm this working.