Switching claws at competition

Hey guy, me team is trying to implement cargo, and the idea that we should switch out our intake based on our aliences needs. I this leagal?

Yes it would be but make sure you are within your withholding allowance.

Do you plan to fabricate the mechanism at the event?

If not, is the mechanism under 30 lbs?

Please read R23.

If you are planning on having it as 2 separate mechanisms and swapping it depending on the match you will need to get both configurations of the robot inspected and both mechanisms together with the robot should weigh under 125 lbs. Refer to rule I3.

Assuming your concept meets the withholding rules, these are the other ones you’ll want to know. If the combined weight, with everything for both configurations, is under 125 lbs, then it would fall under section F - you get inspected in both configurations at the start, and can freely switch between them.

If it doesn’t, then you would need to get reinspected after every change, as it would not fall under any of the exemptions.

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Basic withholding rules are:

If you bring the entire mechanism already assembled, the whole thing must weight less than 30 lbs.

If you bring all of the components to the assembly, but it’s not assembled, then anything that could be bought off a shelf does not count toward that weight (motors, gears, belts, chain, electronics, bolts and nuts…) and only manufactured parts count (machined aluminium, steel, polycarb, 3D prints, etc or modified parts like if you made weight-saving holes in gears).

Working between bag ‘n’ tag to continue to improve your robot is a time honored tradition of FIRST, so as long as it’s only 30 lbs, then you’re fine. Consult the rule book for more specific definitions.

You can do it if it is under 30 lbs and you’ll probably have to get inspected when you switch it out


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