Switching from Labview to Java

Hello! We’ve been using Labview for three years already and we’re thinking of possibly switching to Java next year. I’m pretty familiar with standard Java, but have no idea where to start with the FRC version of Java. Could someone please give me links to resources which could give me a headstart? Thanks!


These are a good place to start.

I really liked Brad Miller’s (the guy that wrote the FRC library) youtube series, which is mainly about the RobotBuilder tool, but it also shows some basic coding.

Besides that, your next best place to start is the official documentation - http://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/3120

Are there any free online classrooms or a playlist of detailed videos where I could learn FRC Java?

I’ve posted Brad Miller’s youtube series, but after watching it once, it’s pretty much getting to the robot and starting to re-write the code, it’s pretty straightforward.

Here it is again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7PaYcjDEDc&list=PLYA9eZLlgz7t9Oleid2wtlgnvhGObeKzp

OK, thanks again. Just asking, do you know any other youtube playlists?

The new control system for 2015 will run Java SE (I talked with 294 at LA who is an alpha test team) so next year the only major difference in FRC Java programming will be the FRC libraries to drive actuators and read sensors and so on rather than having to deal with a lot of inconveniences due to the cRIO running Java ME.