Switching to Digital Scouting?

So my team found out today that we have qualified for Saint Louis for the first time since 2010 (that’s right, the last time we went to Saint Louis, it wasn’t even Saint Louis at all, it was Atlanta :cool: ). No student currently on our team has ever been and thus nobody really knows what to expect.

We’ve been doing paper scouting since the age of the dinosaurs, and have never really had the time, money, or resources to switch over (even now, the money portion of that equation is a little iffy). We managed to set up paper scouting in a semi-efficient manner for NE District Champs, though as the one setting up the scouting folder at 4:36 on Wednesday morning, the thought of such a thing with a division of eighty or so (am I wrong?) teams gives me nausea.

So the question underneath all of this talk is: does anyone know of a cheap, easily set up way to scout digitally for Saint Louis? Not all of our scouters/strategists (for example, me) have smartphones so we would theoretically need to purchase something, unless there’s some other way around it. Any help is appreciated. If there’s no way to switch to digital, perhaps someone knows of an efficient way to paper scout that I can compare against our current method?

We switched to digital scouting this year and believe me it was so simple. We chose a cheap and effective way which was to use Google Forms which allowed us to simply fill out a form for every match. All the data was then sent to a Google sheet where we could then run a script with the help of our programming mentor that gave us the average score per team (OPR) which we found as extremely important depending on the situation during playoffs.

Team 1676 has been doing digital scouting for years, and we’d be happy to help you out with any questions. You can see some of our data from the events we’ve been to by going to http://scouting.team1676.com . Create an account and view any of the available events. PM me if you need any help. Additionally, this is a service we provide to all teams at the events we go to!