Switching to Neo 550 to Make Intake Better?

Our team is currently using a bag motor on our intake and has brought up the idea of switching to a Neo 550. The main reason we want to do this is to help our intake not feed the note accidentally into the shooter. We think Brake Mode will help stop the note from carrying further into our mechanism, allowing us to save time on our auto by always letting the shooter motors run. Does anyone have any experiences with the Neo 550 that would support this? Or would the difference be small?

Do you have a sensor to tell when the note is in your bot?

You can set brake mode on a bag motor. The neo 550 brake mode will be slightly stronger because its brushless.

That isn’t the real problem though. You should you some kind of sensor like a TOF sensor or a break beam sensor to determine if you have a note and stop your motor.

If you competition is soon and it’s too late to integrate a sensor, you could try running your intake backwards for a small amount of time after you intake a note.

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Yes and no from my experience, the motor would still have to be commanded to stop, and whether or not it’s in brake mode or not. a sensor ie limit switch or beam brake would be the preferred tool and that could work with any motor you have.

FYI, I think we solved a similar problem

  • Event 1 - we were using a time of flight sensor on CAN to determine when we had a Note, and stopping our intake roller. This mostly worked but we were seeing a lot of variance and sometimes a note would come in too far.

  • Event 2 - we changed to a beam brake sensor on a limit switch. This drastically improved the consistency. I’m not sure what the Limit Switch to the TalonSRX’s polling period is, but its definitely faster than going through software. Our intake stops very consistently every time.

We do have break mode on as well, but I’m not sure how much it really makes a difference. It really depends on the mechanics of your system and if that back emf would stop it. With our gearbox on our intake it pretty much stops immediately regardless.

TLDR: maybe think about faster feedback to stop your system?

How do you control the intake? Is it open loop or some sort of set rotations?

Its not as reliable but you could also look at sampling for inrush current as well if you don’t want to mount a sensor

We drive our intake using a neo 550 on a Versaplanetary gearbox, which we gear (I think) at 5:1 – depending on how your intake works, you may need the extra torque (over a 1:1 or 3:1) to deal with bending notes.

Your main issue is going to be knowing when to shut off your intake. Brake mode will help keep the intake from coasting, but won’t shut it off at an instant’s notice.

We have a break beam sensor to determine if we have a note. Right now we use a Victor SP motor controller. The problem is the motor carries forward after the note is detected because it is coasting.