Swyft Robotics Company and Product Announcement


All the chain is in stock and ready to ship we have #25 #25H and #35 chain go check it out at https://swyftrobotics.com/product-category/hardware/chain/

The first five people to use the coupon code “firstfive” will receive 10% off your whole order of $45 or more


My team bought some of the JST Connector Boards and we can’t wait to receive them!


We are glad to hear that. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences with the boards!


Save time on your wiring by using pre-crimped wires with your JST Connector Boards for a quick and reliable connection. All the pre-crimped wires are in stock and ready to ship. Go check them out at https://swyftrobotics.com/product-category/electrical/wires/


Are you ready for 1/2 inch Hex Bearings at the best prices our 1/2 inch hex bearings are in-stock and ready to ship go check them out at


Our anodized blue shaft collars are in-stock at a great price go check them out at


Q: You have different JST connector sizes on your wiring harnesses. Which ones go to which connectors on the connector boards? (In particular, should I get a JST-PH or JST-HX harness to connect to the analog port on the Talon breakout board?)


The Talon Breakouts boards use all JST-PH and all the other connector boards use the JST-XH. This was done to achieve a compact and flush mount to the talon.


I love how most of the posts on this thread from the last 11 days are literally just the company boosting the thread to advertise their products more