Swyft Robotics Products-On Sale

A very good small supplier that I’ve enjoyed working with in the past is Swyft Robotics. They have reduced the number and types of items they sell since the pandemic started, and according to their website it looks like a lot of things are on substantial discount. Highlights:

  • two-part locking collars are some of the best I’ve used, blue anodized, and half price right now.

  • high quality HTD belts in both 9mm and 15mm width are half price, and they were already cheap.

  • Omio is listed as in stock, though not on sale this is a highly sought after item.

Check them out! https://swyftrobotics.com/


Here is a comparison of prices between the Vex HTD belt and the Swyft belt.

$3.49 versus $11.99?? That’s an easy choice.

I highly recommend Swyft for their timing belts. We used them pretty much everywhere in our robot, see as we used timing belts as a conveyor and never had any issues. Between a main season robot, and an offseason swerve clone, we saved hundreds of dollars by using Swyft.


Even normal price it’s 6.99 to 11.99, pretty easy choice.

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It’s out of stock now but I’d like to highlight that Swyft sells 25H chain, finding a non-VEX vendor for 25H had been a pain point.


I must concure, every Swyft product we have used has met or exceeded our expectations. They are definately high on our list of vendors we will be purchasing from!


no slight to swyft, but if looking for cheap belts vbeltguys is the king for sure.


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