Sydney Regional Chairman's Exchange

This year, Thunderbolts robotics will be hosting Australia’s first ever Chairman’s Exchange (ChEx). ChEx is an opportunity for Chairman’s teams to practice their presentation before they go in front of the judges, and for non-Chairman’s teams to find out a bit more about what the Chairman’s award is all about.

The Sydney Regional ChEx will be held from 10 am - 12 noon on Thursday the 17th of March, in the Banksia Room at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre. It’d be great if teams could register beforehand, so we have a rough idea of how many teams will be there. The form for registration can be found here. See you all there!

Sounds like a nice idea,

You have probably already done this, but if not it would be a good idea to contact the Australia Regional Organiser(FIRST Australia), so that this information can be sent out to all attending teams.

There could be plenty of teams, who maybe interested in attending to watch or practise that may not see this notice, as especially for new teams they may not be avid users of CD

We’ve already done this - currently waiting on an email list. We’ll also be distributing brochures at the event for any teams who don’t get the email.

This should really be in the “Awards” or “Regional Events” forums…