Sykes Scouting Database 2019

This is a scouting database which provides calculated contributions (OPRs) and other metrics for all teams at each event using the data from the TBA API. Each sheet contains data from a distinct FRC event. A new database will be published weekly within a day or two of all of that week’s events being completed. For sheets which contain events that have not yet occurred, seed values for each category are available in order to aid in pre-scouting.

You can download it from Github here

Here are previous years’ scouting databases for the interested:


For anyone confused, I’m making a new thread because my previous thread would have forced people to scroll down and find the most recent version. I think the Github link at the top of the thread is a better solution, so I’m making a new thread to do that.

I have just uploaded version 2019.1.2. This version has fixed all of the major issues in 1.1, and also includes all week 1 competitions. The astute may notice that the Elo ratings are slightly different, this is because I used the week 1 stdev of scores (17.1) instead of the week 0 stdev of scores (15.0) in the Elo calculations. This is the formula I will continue to use for the rest of the season.

The only major things I am missing now are Chairman’s strengths (because I want to restructure some things in the calculations) and home championships (because I don’t have a good datasource).

Minor update, I forgot that some of the teams at Bosphorous competed at Istanbul, so I didn’t have proper Elo seeds for Bosphorous for such teams, which caused Bosphorous Elos to be slightly off. This has been corrected.

Just uploaded a week 2 update. All week 2 events excluding israel 3 and ausc are included. Still no Chairman’s strengths, gotta keep building up suspense for them I guess. Look at me though, actually getting an update out on Sunday. I think I’ve got all my scripts straight to do this quickly, so maybe this is the new normal? Tune in next week to find out!


Updated through week 3. I don’t think I’m going to get to adding continuously updating Chairman’s Strengths this year. I’ll still try to post just a list of teams with their Chairman’s strengths as of the beginning of the season.

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Can you embed your link in this thread so its easy to send my students here?

Thanks for the update.

It looks like the Shanghai tab has data from Clackamas.

Updated to remove Shanghai:


When should we expect to see an update for week 4 events?

Right about now :slight_smile:

Updated through week 4:

SBPLI 1 will be included next week. “fma” and “mar” both still exist as districts, sometime maybe I’ll clean those up.

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Updated through week 5:

Also changed “mar” to “fma”. Israel champs will be included in the week 6 update.


Small fix to SBPLI 1 and teams that competed at SBPLI 1 plus another week 5 comp. Also I reran the seeding of week 6 comps, so particlarly the district champs this week will have more complete data in them now.

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Gah, I think SBPLI 1 is still messed up, I really hate inter-week events. I’ll try to clean it up again tonight.

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3rd times the charm:

:crossed_fingers: No problems with sbpli1 please?


Thank you for continuing to release these, they have been great this year.


Minor update, just re-generating dcmp team lists as everyone should be registered by now for week 6:


Updated through week 6:

Someone ping me when all the district champs team lists are locked in and I’ll release an update. Otherwise I’m probably just waiting until Thursday night.


Well, eventually msc might release divisions, but since all the other lists seem pretty set I thought I’d release an update now:

They did. :grinning:

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Caleb, do the stats use “latest”, “average”, or some other stat combo to calculate components such as “win” or “ranking points” ?