Sykes Scouting Database 2020

Here is the direct download for the initial release.

Well we’re kicking off the 2020 season very shortly with the Israel competition. There’s not a ton in this first book as no teams have played in any official events yet. All seed values except Elos and ILSs are set to averages from the initial week 0 competition. Elos are set to the start of season ratings as described in my Elo thread. ILSs are based off of the RP rates in week 0 (none, so I used 1/29 for both) and adjusted based on Elos.

Not many major changes yet, the biggest one will be the addition of Zebra Motionworks data for equipped events. I have added a few more details to the “Event Summaries” sheet since last season.

As always let me know if you have suggestions or bug reports. Early weeks tend to have more bugs, and if you have ideas for metrics that I don’t have listed, it’s much easier for me to add them now than a few weeks into the season.