Sykes Scouting Database 2022

This is a scouting database which provides Elos, rates, calculated contributions (OPRs), and iterative logistic strengths for all teams at each event using the data from the TBA API. Each sheet contains data from a distinct FRC event. A new database will be published weekly within a day or two of all of that week’s events being completed. For sheets which contain events that have not yet occurred, seed values for each category are available in order to aid in pre-scouting.

You can download it from Github here

Here are the threads from the previous years’ scouting databases for the interested:

The previous season databases are also on the same linked GitHub page under the archives folder, along with historic 1114 and 2834 scouting databases from years prior to 2016.


Here is the direct download for the initial release.

IT’S BACK! Despite the pandemic trying its best to kill my motivation, I’m publishing my scouting database again in 2022. @AliciaTBay has also graciously volunteered to help me out in this effort, so you can also thank her for keeping this project alive.

As always for week 1, there’s not a ton in this first book as no teams have played in any official events yet. All seed values except Elos are set to averages from the initial week 0 competition. Elos are set to the start of season ratings as described in my Elo thread .

The biggest update since 2020 is the addition of WLT records and related information. I realized that these are some of the easiest metrics to record, so I thought I should add them into my scouting database. I have also removed Zebra MotionWorks categories for now, although I hope to add them back in eventually.

As always let me know if you have suggestions or bug reports. Early weeks tend to have more bugs, and if you have ideas for metrics that I don’t have listed, it’s much easier for me to add them now than a few weeks into the season.




2nd try Caleb I am looking for the start button to update individual competition like S Florida

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Alicia is the best! We’ve played with and against NC Gears many times. Always class acts!

You are probably thinking of my event simulator, I will be releasing that soonish as well


Does anyone know what happened/is going to happen to the following Ontario events:
Victoria Park Day 1
Victoria Park Day 2
Georgian College Day 1
Georgian College Day 2
Windsor Essex Great Lakes Day 1
North Bay Day 1
Durham College Day 1
Durham College Day 2

When I did a dump of events a week ago I added them, but now they do not exist on the frc-events page. Can I remove these permanently? Or is this just a data error?

Those events have all been cancelled for 2022. You can safely remove them from the db.


Updated to remove the cancelled Ontario events. Link here

I also made sure that every event has a filter on it.


You are too kind. Right back at you, Wired Cats! A super swell team and A++ mentors. Can’t wait to robot with you at W. Michigan in a few weeks!


Updated through week 1 (including Israel 1):

Waco data is spotty: 2022 Component OPR and Match Prediction site - Valor Scout - #18 by Paul_Copioli
dc day 1 data is missing: CHS District Greater DC #1 Day 1 Match Data?
If DC day 1 data ever gets added, someone let me know and I can update it.

Glad to finally be done with the initial week upload.

We have a new record for the most uneven distribution of hub exits, at the FIM Calvin University Event, we saw the following exits:

All Balls Low Near All Balls Low Far All Balls Low Blue All Balls Low Red All Balls High Near All Balls High Far All Balls High Blue All Balls High Red
233 254 233 317 430 300 353 372

The probability we would see a lower distribution at least as different from the uniform distribution as this is 0.0004. For the upper hub, the probability is 0.00003.


I don’t know what happened but when you look at the individual events the teams are listed numerically but the stats in the first 14 columns (Rank-DQ matches) are sorted by ranking. For example in South Florida 21 (the lowest number) has the stats for the number 1 seed 4481 and 59 (the second lowest number) as the stats for the number 2 seed 179 in the first 14 columns . After that all the columns all look fine.

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Things aren’t lining up for INKOK either

Updated to v1.5:

This should fix the bad sorting that was affecting the first 14 columns. There are still some weird ranking results due to inconsistent data (for example, 179 being shown as undefeated in the rankings even though they lost q3 in a replay). Hoping FIRST cleans that up eventually.

The opposite is true 179 is undefeated we lost the original (because the field disconnected us for no reason) but won the replay.

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Yeah, I’ve got it figured out now. The data from FIRST are correct, the only thing wrong appears to be the total score shown on TBA.

Updated through week 2:

This includes all week 2 events except New York Tech Valley. Oklahoma is also missing because TBA is still reporting incomplete qual matches past qm 72. I can post an update once TBA resolves this. Greater DC #1 Day 1 is still missing data as well.

I’m trying to use the “Releases” feature on GitHub, I’ve never used this before so let me know if I’m using it correctly.


Updated with Tech Valley and Istanbul:

This links to a new Release that only contains the most recent scouting database zipped up. Not sure if I will continue doing this moving forward or not. Just trying it out.

I also realized that the header titles were swapped for surrogate matches and DQ matches, this should be corrected now.

Still missing Greater DC #1 Day 1 and Oklahoma.


Anyone know who we need to contact to get the Oklahoma data corrected on TBA? We’d love to have the Oklahoma team’s data included in this.

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I’ve posted an issue to the TBA github:

They usually they get around to GitHub issues in a pretty timely manner.