Sykes Scouting Database 2022

Here is the direct download for the initial release.

IT’S BACK! Despite the pandemic trying its best to kill my motivation, I’m publishing my scouting database again in 2022. @AliciaTBay has also graciously volunteered to help me out in this effort, so you can also thank her for keeping this project alive.

As always for week 1, there’s not a ton in this first book as no teams have played in any official events yet. All seed values except Elos are set to averages from the initial week 0 competition. Elos are set to the start of season ratings as described in my Elo thread .

The biggest update since 2020 is the addition of WLT records and related information. I realized that these are some of the easiest metrics to record, so I thought I should add them into my scouting database. I have also removed Zebra MotionWorks categories for now, although I hope to add them back in eventually.

As always let me know if you have suggestions or bug reports. Early weeks tend to have more bugs, and if you have ideas for metrics that I don’t have listed, it’s much easier for me to add them now than a few weeks into the season.