Syncing Between Computers

We plan to use 8 computers on the regional wifi to scout. Thanks to Team 2834 for the scouting spreadsheet.

We want to know how some teams go about using the excel spreadsheet and syncing all of the computers together into the same file.

From the administrative section of the manual:

Teams are not allowed to set up their own 802.11a/b/g/n (2.4GHz or 5GHz) wireless communication (access points or ad-hoc networks) in the venue.
Note that a wireless hot spot created by a cellular device would be considered an access point, and thus not allowed
(emphasis mine)

You could try doing something with a switch and ethernet. But you won’t be able to go the wireless route.

No, the venue provides wireless access.

I also just realized the scouting spreadsheet we want to use has macro’s because I think that makes a difference.

To do what you want requires a shared work/collaboration space such as SharePoint. It should be easier just to merge the Excel files from each user into a new file. There are many options to choose from when merging. You might be able to do this over bluetooth if WiFi isn’t permitted. Otherwise, copy them all to a USB device and merge there. Macros should not matter using this process. There’s lots of info on the web.

We have 6 students at a time on rotations to scout every team of every match on paper. Then one students enter them into a spreadsheet. They would either email me if there is internet access at the venue or write it out to a flash drive every few matches. I process the data in my spreadsheet on my laptop near the pit and copy the results to the computer in the pit for the drive team to use. It works out quite well.

If you have the luxury to have 8 computers and internet access, you can try use Google doc so everybody can type into the document at the same time. Then write it out to an excel file every few matches and then import the data into the scouting spreadsheet.

If you are using my spreadsheet, I would assume you have customized it for your team’s use. To update match and standing data and to calculate overall OPR and individual OPR of hybrid, bridge, tele and coop, you just have to press Cntr-Shift-P. I hope the spreadsheet helps. My team is competing in an event this weekend also so I won’t be able to help. Good luck to you at your event.

Two words: Google Docs

Thats almost exactly how we do it except that every time we have a match we print out a data sheet for the drive team. It worked exceptionally well at Waterford.