SynEdit for Delphi

Is anyone here familiar with the SynEdit components?
I’m using delphi 5 and I cant get the SynMultiSyn component (SynHighlighterMulti.pas) to work. Every time I use it I get an error, and the debugger highlights a bit of code where it calls a function:


Is it something I’m doing wrong, or is there a problem in the code?
SynEdit can be downloaded from the SynEdit Download Page

This forum is not for the Delphi programming. It is for FIRST Robotics.

Sorry, these forums aren’t for Delphi, as it were. Delphi is an automotive company, as opposed to Borland Delphi. You might want to check the product page for SynEdit. Apparently, there’s some example code for using SynEdit components at this website (about half way down the page).

Sorry for having to disappoint you. Maybe someone else on these forums may have the knowledge to help you, but the chances aren’t as good as if you were to ask your question on a dedicated Delphi forum.