Syntax Error: externs, structs, and macros

Here’s the thing: I’m getting a syntax error in 2 seperate lines that are probably related. I have narrowed it down to the point that I know that it is not the next or previous line.

They are:

	MOTOR(STRAIGHT,	LeftDrive,	OI_Left,	0,	0,	 0,	 0,	0,	254,	254) //ME! ME!


Here are the dependencies needed to get this:

#ifdef _MOTORS_H_
#define _MOTORS_H_


struct motors
	enum Motor type;
	char* pwm;
	char* oi;
	char pot;
	char pot_min;
	char pot_max;
	char pot_center;
	char pwm_min;
	char pwm_max;
	char pwm_change;

#define BEGIN_MOTOR_LIST(name) struct motors rom name] = {
#define END_MOTOR_LIST                   {NONE, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0} };
#define REF_MOTOR_LIST(name) extern struct motors name]
#define PTR_MOTOR_LIST(name) struct motors *name
#define MOTOR(type,pwm,oi,pot,pot_min,pot_max,pot_center,pwm_min,pwm_max,pwm_change) {type, &pwm, &oi, pot, pot_min, pot_max, pot_center, pwm_min, pwm_max, pwm_change },

void DoMotors(PTR_MOTOR_LIST(motorlist));

char LeftDrive, RightDrive, E2;
#define OI_Left  p1_y

(unfortunately, it inserted random spaces)


#define MOTOR(type,pwm,oi,pot,pot_min,pot_max,pot_center,***p  wm_min***,pwm_max,pwm_change) {type, &pwm, &oi, pot, pot_min, pot_max, pot_center, pwm_min, pwm_max, pwm_change },

Might it be the marked bit?

I didn’t spot anything wrong off-hand (other than the space noted by the previous poster, but I’m guessing that was a copy/paste problem?). Something you might try to narrow down the problem is pre-processing the C file to see how your macros worked out. There should be a cpp18.exe as part of the MCC18 package - this is the C preprocessor. Just run:

cpp18 {filename}.c -I{path to MCC18 include directory} > {filename}.pre

and it will spit the preprocessed file out to {filename}.pre. That might yield some clues.

Nope. That’s just from the post. Try as I did, I couldn’t get rid of it. But it doesn’t exist in the file.

Cool! Thanks! I’ll try that! :cool: