I want to use the default robot CAD to run a simple program, but I have some question.
Is Synthesis can only use Inventor?
I have been upload my program, but the “Robot Code Connecting” doesn’t light,
how can I fix it?

You can import robots from either Inventor or Fusion
You can make your robot in another software (such as onshape) and then export it as a file that can be opened in Inventor or Fusion to be used in Synthesis.

Thank you very much.
I used the default robot and upload my program, but the “Robot Code Connection” didn’t light.
Do you know what went wrong?
Thank you again

Thank you very much!
This is what I want.
By the way, Has anyone successfully launched the simulator in VScode?
I have been read some article that talk about how to modify build.Gradle but it didn’t work.
And someday I accidentally pressed the F5, it suddenly launched!!Then I close, open again,
it say that “cmd.exe not an internal or external command, executable program, or batch file.”
And opened vsCode again, it worked again.

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