Synthesis 4.0 Release

Hello CD community! We are excited to announce that Synthesis 4.0 is now available! The newest version of Synthesis is on our website and ready to be downloaded. In this update, we released our new exporters and emulator, which are more stable and easier to use. In addition, we added features in the simulator, including local multiplayer, game piece configuration, joystick integration, replay mode, collision analysis, and diverse camera options. We are excited to see how you guys use Synthesis!

Also, our promotional video for the update is on Youtube! You can watch it through this link:

Just a side note, your website appears to be not working properly.

Does this work with Fusion 360?

No, you have to have Inventor to export robot models.

Sorry about that issue - it may be a problem with your browser caching the page. To solve this you can go to settings>privacy>clear cache. Another option is to view it in a different browser or in incognito mode. This will allow you to view the latest version of the website because otherwise your browser may be displaying old content

We currently do not support direct exports from Fusion 360 however you can import your Fusion model into Inventor as a STEP file and then use the robot exporter tool to get it into Synthesis.

We will be updating our website with new tutorials in the next couple of days that can guide you through that process, otherwise feel free to email us at or post on our forums and we can guide you through the process ourselves.

Have you considered adding Solidworks support in a future update?

Probably not. Look at the name of the poster: synthesis.adsk (autodesk). The team that made it was a bunch of Autodesk interns IIRC

Great to see this updated version. I can’t wait to see how the new features work, especially joystick config - thanks!

One thing I’d recommend: When I installed the software, Windows 10 said “publisher unknown” and urged caution. It would be good to reconfigure the install in a way that autodesk is recognized as the publisher.

just a friendly suggestion, it would be great if the robots included in the base version already had the intake and other mechanisms pre-configured:D

So can you import a .STEP directly into synthesis or do you absolutely need inventor to import robot files?