Synthesis - Slider Joints

Does anyone have experience with slider joints in Synthesis? I am exporting with Inventor 2019. I have a simple sliding joint on a test robot design with a normal chassis. The joint shows up in the Inventor Exporter as a “Mechanism Joint” with Joint Driver “Elevator”. In the Advanced dialog, I have set PWM Port 3. The export works and “driving” works fine. In the Robot Controls screen in Synthesis, I have set PWM 3 Positive and PWM 3 Negative to the number keys 1 and 2 respectively. When Synthesis loads, the sliding member sort of slides off of its fixed support. Keys 1 and 2 have no effect on the position of the sliding member. All of the Synthesis tutorials I have found deal only with rotational joints.

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When you created your joints did you set limits? A joint with out a limit set will cause this to happen, but if you go into the slider joint dialog and set limits, it should stay between the endpoints (which you can set to be the fixed support). Hope this helps!

Yes, I had set limits and just checked to confirm. The limits correctly limit the range of motion in the Inventor model. I wish it could have been that simple. Thanks for your response. I’ll keep poking around, but it seems like I have tried everything I can think of. I’m going to look at some of the stock robots that come with Synthesis for ideas.

The exporter Advanced Editor, in the Driver column has “Elevator, Ports, PWM 3”. I have no idea where it is coming up with the “Elevator” as a driver. If I click it, I get a choice of Elevator or No Driver. No Driver does not give a choice for CAN or PWM port.

It selects “Elevator” as a default driver due to the joint being a slider joint. As far as the limits not affecting the actual limitation in Synthesis, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never encountered this before. It might be something the Autodesk Forums could help with?

OK, that makes sense, I guess. I’ll try the Autodesk forums again. So far, nothing but crickets, there.