Synthetic Music

Ok, I picked this to go in the Communications section for a few reasons. First, I’m not 100% sure where it should go, but it partially relates to the 3D animation, and is about a method of communication that everyone in the world can understand - music.

I produce what you could call sythetic music. It’s not real (and it’s not too hard to hear that it isn’t, most of the time) but it is sythesized using sound samples of real orchestral instruments.

To give you a taste, I’ve posted links to 2 of my “newer” jobs at the bottom of this post.

Well, I’m partially curious if anyone out there has done anything on this level. To let you know how it’s done, here’s some insight.
For starters, it’s 90% free. The software and sound card I bought were not, but every single instrument sample I use is 100% free off the web.
When I get more equiptment, I hope to sample my own orchestra.
I use Cakewalk Home Studio 9 on a SoundBlaster PCI 512. The samples are processed using soundfont technology.

Most of my work is renewing old videogame soundtracks. In fact, I have a whole CD of the FFIV Soundtrack remade.
But my “orchestra” is always a work in progress, constatnly growing.
I strive to find better free samples, and get a more realistic sound.

How does this apply to FIRST? Well, for one thing, you can use this to produce music for your 3D animation entry, or advertizing videos, etc.
It’s also a great way to combine art and technology, and is a fun tool for FIRSTers to tinker with. I’m sure if you had the right equiptment, you could set up some teambuilding exersizes with this sort of thing.

Anyway, enjoy the samples, remember, these were done on my home PC. And, let me know if you know anyone who doea this sort of thing too. :smiley:

Warning, 10 Mb!

Hero’s Welcome:
From RPG2003 RTP

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Expect to see a link soon (for the 2nd song, at least)
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The students here at CEU do that every day as part of the music program in the MIDI lab. It’s a requirement of the degree program to have a working knowledge of sound sample technology along with the physics of sound. It’s pretty cool.
Sampling is very nice and saves a lot of money. We’re using the lab now to sequence a sample CD along with some tracks of live singers for Senator Orrin Hatch to practice with to narrate a big project of ours for the DAR that we’ll be doing at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. next fall for the 9-11 commemoration. Cool stuff!
Pulling stuff off the web is definetely an alternative for the starving musician. I’ve pulled a few things off lately to do some sequencing on some of my own outside projects.

Hmm… Really interesting…
Sounds fun! I wish more schools had a program like that.
I think I’ve got the links to the samples renewed, here they are: (2.5Mb) (10Mb)