Sys id: Robot enabled before connecting mysid, connect mysid then enable the robot

For some reason, I’m trying to run Sys id on the robot but It keeps giving e this error even though the sys id shows that it is connected before I enable the robot.

What error?

Ahh i see your issue, you have to restart sysid, I don’t know why, but you do.

Ok thanks, that worked for me.

Also while you’re here, I have another quick question. When I run Sys id for drivetrain, do I have to run it on carpet? We don’t have any carpet

It is ideal to run on carpet, but if you are testing on floor, then you can run sysid on the floor, and use those values. Just remember to redo them on carpet and that any PID you tune on the floor for your drive train will probably not behave the same on carpet.

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