SysID 2023 not working while using Spark Max option

This is what our motor settings looks like:

When we deploy this, It says “NT Disconnected” and our driver station says that we have no code.

When the motor controller selection is set to PWM, the code works, but does not do anything because we are using Spark max

We are using a kit of parts chassis . ID 11 is following ID 3, and ID 4 is following ID 2.

Any help is appreciated.

Well I can say that your followers are set incorrectly (or SysID configured incorrectly). The “L” and “R” listed there are referring to the “left” or “right” motor within the pair of motors (aka, same side of the drivetrain). So, if 4 is following 2, then I would expect both to be connected to the same gearbox, and both to be under the same motor controller pair

I have adjusted it to only target the lead motors
Driver station still says there is no robot code, and SysId still says that network tables is disconnected.

There is an issue with Neo’s and SysID in the current live build. You can download a new version that fixes this issue as discussed here:

@Fletch1373 I don’t think that that is the correct way to use the motor controller pairs. What do teams that have 3 motors on a drive transmission do then? We have always set up our config with the motor controller pair controlling 1 left side motor and 1 right side motor, adding as many pairs of controllers as needed for our transmissions.


Thank you so much! This worked!

@KaseyB, You may be right. If so, I misunderstood the intent of that field. Now that you describe it, that does make more sense than what i was imagining.

@BadAtProgramming, I didnt mean to imply that was the source of your problems, just that it seemed off to me. Clearly i was mistaken. Glad you got it figured out though!

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