Sysid Acceleration Filtering Removed all data

I was able to run earlier in the year but for post season work I was trying to run again and was having some issues. Whenever I try to analyze the data I get “Acceleration Filtering Removed all data”

I am running current released build 22.3.1

Not sure what I did wrong. I have a SDS Mk4 L2 Swerve with falcons. We ran with the wheels blocked straight.

Set up for Meters with a 4 inch wheel 0.3192 units per rotation.

All the tests seemed to run fine but I can’t get the feed forward numbers (or any really) out of the analyzer

Here is the data
sysid_data20220614-162323.json (894.1 KB)

The latest release is 2022.4.1. Also, your forward dynamic test data didn’t save. We merged a change for 2022.4.1 that may fix that.

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22.4.1 build is failing, and the previous build artifact links don’t work. Is there somewhere else I should download the build from?

Why are you building it yourself? It comes precompiled in the WPILib installer.

Ahh, thanks. I had installed the latest ‘release’ of the whole suite earlier this week (which is a couple of months old) So when you said to get 22.4.1 I google download sysid and it led me to the sysid github. This is good thanks, hopefully I can run tests again tomorrow.

I still get acceleration filtering error. I realize I need to run the test again but how did you bring it up?

Also is my units per rotation correct or should i include my gear ratio ? The old version said not to but this one doesn’t say that.

Those plots came from, which we use for debugging the tool.


Thanks, I am just trying to determine is the acceleration filtering problem is my settings or a bug in the previous version.

It’s from the forward dynamic test data never going above the motion threshold, because it’s all zeroed out.

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