SysID crashes with Venoms

We are trying to characterize our drivetrain with SysID, but receive the following error when doing so. Our drivetrain consists of four venoms, and we are using the integrated encoders. We are using WPILib version 2023.4.2.

Setup Venom
Setup Venom
Setup encoder
Setup Built-in+Venom
Setup Built-in+Venom
Setup gyro
Setup None
Setting default
********** Robot program startup complete **********
Robot disabled
Collected: 0 data points.
Project failed: bad_function_call
[phoenix-diagnostics] Server shutdown cleanly. (dur:0)
[phoenix] Library shutdown cleanly
*** Error in `/home/lvuser/frcUserProgram': free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x0069ec88

When switching to general mechanism and testing a TalonFX, SysID works and shows NT Connected.

Is this possibly an issue with SysID’s Venom libraries? For reference, here is our config file. (I’m unable to upload files as a new user)

Does it work with the artifact here? Add Venom support · wpilibsuite/sysid@48db833 · GitHub

This is resolved, the issue was that WPILib had removed support for Venoms as there were no dependencies for Venoms released for 2023 by the time they released the latest WPILib version, they’ve added it back now though.

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Yep. I was actually the author of that pr :sweat_smile:.

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