Sysid graphs not matching up

I treid using sysid to characterize my bot, everything went fine till i had to analyze the data. According to wpilib, quasistatic vel vs. time should be linear-ish while dynamic vel vs. time should be a bit more exponential. Does anybody have any ideas on what I could do to fix this?

You seem to have an older version of SysID installed. You can install the newest version via wpilib installer.

The graphs aren’t scaled properly. Look at the x-axis: it is in 50 second intervals. Right click to change the axis or zoom in to see the data.

Really? This is from wpilib 2022.4.1 which is the most recent version on github. Also for the scaling, when i change it back to normal the gaps between the lines are still there, just farther across on the graph.

The UI looks older, but it could be due to the encoder difference.

Can you send your characterization data file?

Unfortunately I cant send the file, but some people are telling me its normal so I’m a bit torn. About the UI being a bit a bit older (which other people have also pointed out) how would I update it? I checked that my wpilib is up to date

What version is displayed in the info->about screen?


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