SysID isn't running the motors

I’m using SysID to test my robot, but I’m unable to move it. Everything seems to be fine electrically, and the SysID code is deploying into the RoboRIO, but the CanSpark motor controllers are staying solid blue color, not red or green like it would be if it was running properly. If anyone has and idea on what the problem is, can you please reply? Thank you.

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My team faced this problem too. We fixed it by making sure we had the most current version of sysid. Do you have the most up to date version of sysid?

I have SysID 2023v2.1, is that the newest version?

2023.3.1 will be released soon, but you can try one of the artifacts from Make integration test assertions more informative (#476) · wpilibsuite/sysid@652060e · GitHub in the meantime. We fixed some NetworkTables connection issues.

Will SysID 2023.3.1 include CANivore support?


Thank you so much, I was able to run my motors properly. But I have to reboot the app to make it work, but thank you so much for the suggestion.

Sounds like this issue: Using sysid for two separate deployments always fails w/ SysIdWrongMechanism=true · Issue #469 · wpilibsuite/sysid · GitHub

Has this issue officially been resolved? I encountered a similar situation and I’m running on 2023.4.1 SysID. I will try again in a few hours when I have access to the space to do so

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