SysId not connecting

We ran into this problem today and are wondering where to begin with troubleshooting.

We are trying to characterize our drivetrain that has four mecanum wheels running on Spark Maxes with 12:1.

Our programmer was running the machine, so I do not have the errors.

We were able to deploy the code (though in each deploy, it failed initially due to timeout, and then it deployed successfully without a re-initiation).

The robot code is green, but when we try to connect (with either NT3 or NT4), it does not connect.

We updated WPILib (I think to 2023.1.4, but will check Monday).

Is there other data I can look for, or ideas you have that we could try? This is currently our test base, but we want to get the process set and our auto code working while we are finishing the mechanical build.

same issue here

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