SysID not working with Pigeons

Our team decided this year to use the WPILib built-in features to drive our drive code (intentionality of pun currently in question). This meant that we were using SysID to get constants for the WPILib DifferentialDriveFeedforward. While trying to use the quasistatic and dynamic tests, we noticed that the reported gyro angle delta was exactly 0, even though our robot turned quite a bit. We have a Pigeon 2 connected to the CAN bus and our normal robot code recognizes it, but SysID is not able to connect to it. In SysID, we’ve selected the Pigeon 2 as the gyro and have the correct CAN ID (1), but it still doesn’t report any angle delta. Is this a currently known bug or are we just stupid and it’s a simple fix?

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You could try the build of main here that has updated vendordeps. Is the Pigeon connected to a CANivore? (We don’t support CANivore yet.)

Thanks for response!
Just tested it with the updated venderdeps, reported gyro angle delta is still 0.
No, the Pigeon is not connected to a CANivore.

We also have this same error. We get the distance traveled using our integrated falcon encoders for swerve drive but our delta value is always 0. We have a pigeon 2 wired correctly onto the robot and everything works perfectly during teleop but our characterization tests for some reason cannot seem to access the pigeon 2, haven’t tested the new vendordeps yet though.

We were running into the same issue and were able to get accurate gyro values from a pigeon2 using the build from the PR to enable canivore support. Note that we did not have a canivore connected to our robot at the time and are using phoenix v5.

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I don’t see anything in that PR that should have affected the Pigeon 2, other then updating the vendordep which is already in the main build that Tyler linked earlier. Have you tried that one?

I noticed the same thing as well. And that’s for both Pigeon connected to the TalonSRX and Pigeon2 connected to the CAN.
I mean - we can throw NavX temporarily on it just for the characterization…

Thank you for that tip! We were able to get SysID working with the Pigeon 2 last night with this build.

No, we did not try the other build. The students started with the Canivore build as we were planning to put one on the robot shortly. Once the students got sysid working successfully they moved onto their next task.

If the electrical team has not yet installed the canivore yet I’ll ask the prog team to run another characterization tonight with the build you suggest to see how the gyro is behaving.