Sysid NT Disconnected

We’ve been trying to use the sysid application from the wpilib 2023.

Deployment works but NT doesn’t connect when we hit apply no matter how many times we reboot the robot.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

First of all make sure you are using 2023.2.1. Then make sure your roboRIO is imaged at the latest version. Finally when deploying and running your tests make sure your mode is “Client (NT4).”

Does the DS show that there’s robot code running? Are there any errors in the DS? What is your sysid configuration (ADXRS450 is known to not work, will be fixed in the next release).

We were experiencing a similar issue earlier in the season trying to characterize one of our test benches. To solve the issue, we went directly to the wpilibsuite/sysid and downloaded the latest stable version of sysid. This helped resolve our issue. If the latest stable version doesn’t work, then I would recommend trying the latest development version. Here is the Github repo: Sysid Github Repository.

Thank you for the response. In the riolog, it says “Project failed: Hall sensore measurement period must be in the range of [8,64]”. We dont use any hall sensors. Do you know what this could be?

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