SysId - TalonFX

Has anyone else seen had issues with Robot Code after deploying from SysId?

I generate the Drivetrain Profile using the two CAN addresses and the TalonFX’s. I show the encoders as “Built-In”… I include the Nav-X gyro, the encoder counts per revolution and the gearing…

I’m able to deploy successfully, but the Robot Code is not stable, and I cannot connect with the client to start the tests.

I verified that I could deploy when using a “General Mechanism” using a TalonSRX controller and was able to connect.

Any thoughts? Thanks! :slight_smile:

SysID Generator

Is SysId updated. We had to reinstall it from the ISO, selected tools only, after we updated wpilib.

Our issue was after deploy client couldn’t connect/couldn’t select tests.

Can you check what version of the SysID tool you are running? (There should be a version/about section to open for that) We encountered a similar issue a month or so ago, but it was resolved by using the newest available version at the time. There was a new WPILib release about a week ago which includes some SysID changes, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to run the newest installer for it. (

Version v2022.3.1 Will definitely do the upgrade… Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Will give that a shot… We are running 2022.3.1 and looks like there was a recent upgrade. :slight_smile:

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