SysId track width - bug on received values

Hey, our robot uses pathweaver trajectories, so we need to get our robot values on SysId. In the past, using the frc-characterization, we spin our robot and receive the track width. Now in sysId, we set the “mechanism” as “Drivetrain (Angular)” to get track width. However, when sysId spin our robot, we get very noise values.

Does anyone knows how to use sysid in mechanism Drivetrain Angular?


Could you post a screenshot of the whole window so I can see the noisy plots you mention? If that trackwidth is in meters, it corresponds to about 2.7 feet, which seems reasonable.

hi! thanks for answering. Actually, luckilly this print shows a reasonable track width, but with wrong Ks, Kv, Ka. I tried the same thing and I got a 5.5 of track width.

You can see that Ks Kv and Ka are horrendous. Since it should be like 0.6 in Ks and 2 in Kv

The most common cause is units being configured incorrectly. If you upload your analysis JSON, we could also verify the data itself was sampled correctly.

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