SysID troubles - No Data was Detected (SysID 2022)


We have been having difficulty successfully running the SysID tool for Drive Motor System characterization.

We have the Drive Motor pairs configured and the CAN IDs mapped properly. Are able to connect to the robot and deploy the SysID tool to the robot successfully.

But after we enable one of the tests and put the robot into Autonomous Mode, the drives are not successfully powered and we receive a warning message “No Data was Detected” and in the Program Log a message “WARNING: TelemetryManager did not receive data 5 seconds after completing the test … (Telemetry Manager)”.

We have functional Drive Software, we can Drive in TeleOp and Drive in Autonomous, so we know we are good electro-mechanically and CAN mapping wise, etc. We just can’t use this SysID tool to characterize our system and easily determine the proper gains for the drive.

Of course, we can run some manual tests to determine the system characteristics, but it is frustrating we can’t get the SysID tool to work. Anyone else encounter a similar problem and/or have any ideas on how we may resolve the issue?


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