System Battery Voltage is wrong

On both the DS and the dashboard, our battery voltage is reading nothing but 5.08v - we checked our FRESH off the charger batteries with our volt meter and they were reading a solid 12.78v. Is there something wrong with the system? We’re all ready confused on why it’s reading less than half of the actual charge.


I would start by insuring that the jumper on the analog module is properly set.

Second, I would make sure that the power to the analog module is correct.


Sounds like you jumpered into the analog breakout’s 5V supply instead of into the battery voltage.

How do I measure the battery voltage using the Analog Breakout?
• Use a shunt (jumper) to connect the outer two pins of the “AI8 Select” connector
• Battery voltage is reduced to ~40% of its actual value by a 680/1k voltage divider and
filtered by a 0.1uF capacitor.

From Control system COMPONENT DATASHEETS Page 24

Sounds like you are displaying 40% of your battery voltage (the actual voltage at the divider on Analog in 8). You program might not be converting this value back up (I have never checked where it does this). Try running a default program.

The only thing I changed between now and from when it was working correctly was I swapped out the wires to extend them because we had to change our electronics board setup.
The jumper is set on the outside two pins, and the two 9201 cards are wired in series for power.

Did you mean parallel?

Am I getting my terminology wrong again?
I have power going from the PD-Block to the first port Analog Module(9201) which then goes from the same plug/port/thing to the 2nd Analog Module(9201)

Please take or draw a picture of your setup and post it. We need to see every wire and how it’s connected (and the jumper on the Analog Breakout module).

What happens if you unplug the power cable to your second Analog Breakout module?


The series vs parallel wiring thing is a (hopefully) a terminology question.

You want parallel: One wire comes out of the PD, is split in two and feeds either breakout independently. The return path is wired similarly.

In series, one wire comes out of the PD and goes to the first breakout. The return line of this then goes to the power line of the next breakout. The return line of the second breakout then goes back to the return on the PD.

In parallel, the modules see the same voltage and different currents.

In series, the modules see the same current and different voltages.

The Lucas - since he is seeing this on the Driver Station, I don’t think this is the case. If he was seeing this on an analog channel I’d agree completely.

This is a rough sketch of how stuff’s set up

Are you using the camera’s 5v power supply instead of 12v from one of the Wago connectors on the power supply?

facepalm A DUH! I just looked at the power diagram and noticed that is in fact what I did… That’s what I get for not doing things in the correct order >.<

Thank you.

For the record, your analog bumper power inputs were connected in parallel.