System can't build pressure!!!

Our pneumatic system is unable to build pressure beyond 60 psi. Whenever we get to 60, our step-down regulator leaks all of the air so that we are unable to store more than 60 psi. When we change the output of the step-down regulator, the pressure of the system changes as well. Basically, the entire system is at the same pressure throughout, and we are unable to store any pressure upstream. This problem was not there on the bagged robot, but it is an issue on the new system we are building. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe you are using a bad regulator.

Make sure that your regulator is plumbed correctly. There is an arrow on the regulator which should point from high to low pressure.

Regulators only work in one direction. FRC regulators are relieving pressure, so if the low pressure side is above 60 psi, they will vent the pressure to atmosphere.

Flip your regulator 180 degrees and your problem will be solved.

It might not be only 180 degrees, as there are four outputs. To make sure you know which one you’re using, look for the arrow on the bottom of the regulator/openings depending on what regulator you are using. Wherever the head of the arrow is where the output has to be.

Good luck with fixing your pneumatics!:smiley:

It could also be the relief valve on the compressor. It is adjustable, and could be set too low. It is a screw in adjustment of the end fitting, with a jam nut to lock it in place.